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6 Free Online Video Call H0T Applications No Banned and Safe

Currently making online video calls is quite easy because users can choose the online video call app according to their wishes. This application can be downloaded safely through their respective smartphones according to their needs.

So, for those of you who like to live or want to watch other people’s streaming videos, you can use the apk below. List of Free online video call app No Banned

ICQ Messenger – Video Calling App & Chat Rooms

The first application that can be used is ICQ Messenger. This application allows users to do various things in it such as chatting, video calling, sending voice notes to friends quickly and for free. A stable internet connection will be very supportive.

This is because this application is quite vulnerable to loading when not in fast connection mode. There are other adorable features to try such as funny masks that can be used during video calls, voice message converters to text and also cute stickers.

Tango – online video call app

The online video call android apk that can be used next is Tango. This application makes it easy for broadcast lovers to do live or watch live with their favorite artists.

This application is very friendly to use because it can directly interact with the host. You can stream chats at will as long as the broadcast is still being done or connected.

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ALO – Social Video Chat

An advanced application that can also be selected to make video calls is ALO. This application allows users to easily connect with many people in various countries. You will be faced with random strangers when you start the video. Here you are forced to understand the gestures and intentions of the person when you are not slow in understanding the language. You can use this application to practice the foreign language skills you are learning.

Fachat – Video Call Streaming App

The last application that can be used is Fachat. Here users can meet friends who have the same hobby or the same family. This is certainly very fun and can be used to exchange experiences for the better.

if you want to download more video calling applications, click install below:

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