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Many people quit their jobs. This is how to do it right !

Strong job recovery has encouraged many workers to part with their employers – in many cases, to pursue jobs that offer more flexibility or pay better.

In June, nearly 4 million workers quit their jobs, according to the latest job openings and labor change surveys from the labor statistics bureau.

But when it comes to leaving your work, there must be more than walking to your boss’s office and shouting: ‘I stop!’ (No matter how tempting it is.)

How you leave your work at this time can affect your career on the road and you don’t want to burn any bridges. This is how to do it right:

Tell your boss first

You may be excited to share news about your new role with your work friends, but your boss must be the first person to hear about your way out.

“This is courtesy,” said Marianne Ruggiero, founder and President of the Optima career. “They are people who are likely to make the decision to hire you and you want them to have the opportunity to understand and get information and make plans.”

If possible, have this conversation directly or, if you work from a distance, at a video meeting.

When doing a conversation, Ruggiero recommends directly to the point by saying something like: “I want to tell you that I have decided to take a new position and resign from my effective position [giving date].”

If the boss seems surprised by the news, Ruggiero suggests follows up by saying something along the line: “I am very grateful for everything you have done for me and I hope you understand that I do this to advance my career. This will be an opportunity for Continuing skills or utilizing my skills or learning more about … “

Alison Sullivan, an expert career trend in Glassdoor, suggested discussing with your boss about the best way to tell your colleagues.

“Think about how you will communicate with your team and boss and what you will say about the reason you leave,” he said. “Be sure to be clear and supportive in helping the transition process.”

Give notifications (if you can)

Giving at least two weeks Notification of your departure has become a commonly accepted norm.

Heads help managers find out things like how to shift your workload, get the latest information about the status of tasks and notify clients.

Even though it is not necessarily a requirement to provide that much notice, suddenly it can suddenly have negative consequences, including leaving a bad impression and having a colleague wondering what happened.

“If you have a kind of deal that has a different notification period then you have to follow it because you can lose other benefits that you might have the right,” said Davida Perry, Mitra Managing Schwartz Perry & Heller in New York City in New York City.

You also have to be prepared to be asked to leave the day you give notice – especially if you go to competitors.

“Most people know before they resign from what general conventions in a particular environment,” Ruggiero said.

Resignation letter

If you are asked for a resignation letter, Perry suggests to stay short: Thank you for your chances of opportunities and circumstances when your last workday will occur.

However, if you leave the possibility of legal claims, such as allegations of salvation violations at work, Perry suggests speaking to a lawyer before sending a resignation letter. Anything written can be used against you later.

“If there are some illegal activities that occur … you definitely want to push back or write a letter that identifies the fact that you don’t resign voluntarily.”

Help with Transition

When delivering your departure news, have a plan to help your boss with the transition after you leave.

Career coach Hallie Crawford recommends that it is ready with status updates on all your projects and assignments, and offer suggestions about which colleagues can bring them.
“Be proactive and have a transition plan. This will help things smooth and make it Easi

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