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Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Terlengkap

Anyabila.comSoal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Terlengkap download kumpulan soal UAS atau PAS Bahasa Inggris full terlengkap dengan kunci jawaban

Soal UAS atau PAS Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 merupakan soal yang diujikan oleh para guru kepada peserta didik guna mengetahui kemampuan siswa dalam memahami materi.

Download kumpulan Soal UAS Bahasa Inggris dapat membantu siswa dan siswi dalam belajar sebelum ujian berlangsung. Kumpulan Soal Ulangan Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris akan Anda dapatkan di sini.

Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris  Kelas tujuh dan kunci jawaban akan Admin bagikan kepada Anda guna mempermudah dan juga memperbanyak latihan soal.

Kunci jawaban yang telah Admin sertakan agar Anda dapat belajar dengan mudah dan memperbanyak latihan soal. Latihan soal sebagai persiapan sebelum menuju saat Ujian Akhir Semester yang sesungguhnya.

Pada saat pandemic seperti ini tentunya banyak sekali dari pembaca yang mencari latihan soal dari Internet. Hal ini disebabkan karena para murid tidak langsung mendapat penjelasa dari guru secara detail dan jelas.

Oleh karena itu, di sini Admin membagikan kumpulan Soal Bahasa Inggris untuk kelas 7 yang telah Admin lengkapi Kunci jawaban. Dimana ini akan membantu Anda dalam mencari referensi soal UAS  Bahasa Inggris untuk Kelas Tujuh.

Kumpulan Soal Ulangan Akhir Semester Bahasa Inggris akan segera Anda dapatkan di bawah ini. Soal yang juga telah dilengkapi oleh kunci jawaban lengkap.

Kunci jawaban yang dapat membantu Anda dalam mempelajari jenis-jenis soal yang mungkin akan muncul pada saat Ujian Akhir Semester berlangsung.

Berikut ini adalah contol soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris untuk siswa dan siswi kelas VII yang telah dilengkapi dengan pembahasan yang terlengkap.

Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Terlengkap

Siti : This park is shady and the flower are colorful. I…this park. (1)
Lina : I do,too. This is a…park. (2)
Edo : look!There are butterflies.
Dayu : There are…(3)
Beni : There garbage cans too. We can keep this park…(4)
Udin : I like studying here. The weather is nice. The park is beautiful. And, it’a a…day. (5)
1. a. Want to go
b. hate
c. like
d. feel

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2. a. ugly
b. dirty
c. city
d. wonderful

3. a. flying
b. boring
c. pretty
d. dirty

4. a. dirty
b. clean
c. ugly
d. wonderful

5. a. terrible
b. horrible
c. beautiful
d. pretty

6. Heni : Wow! Your classroom is very clean, Nothing is dirty and…
Chandra: Thank You, Heni.
a. clean
b. pretty
c. wonderful
d. messy

7. Our schoolyard is very large.We can play…here.
a. chess
b. computer games
c. badminton
d. hide and seek

8.Edo: the music is too loud. Please turn…the volume so that I can have more concentratition
Edi: I’m sorry, Edo. i will do it then.
a. out
b. in
c. down
d. up

9. Anita: Your room is too dark, Siti. May I open the…please
Siti : Of course, Anita. Thank you very much.
a. door
b. roof
c. curtains
d. window

10.Marno: Adi, you hose is actually so far away from the school, but you always come to scholl…
Adi : I always go to scholl at 6.00 a.m. That’s why I’m never late.
a. at time
b. on time
c. for time
d. in time

Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Terlengkap

11.Rita: Ani, you couch is very comfortable
Ani : Thank you. I love this couch too
Rita: Your couch has I lovely…
Ani : Yes, red is my favorite
a. size
b. colour
c. shape
d. model

12.Dita : I’m really sorry, Fita. The… so small. I’m affraid that it won’t be a good for us to practice cooking.
Fita : Oh, its fine, Dita. Its comfortable enough for us to practice cooking.
a. living room
b. bedroom
c. kitchen
d. dining room

13.Deni : Tedi, your cat is very cute. It has very soft fur
Tedi : Besides cute, my cat is also… . It is always fun to spare my time with my cat.
a. playful
b. funny
c. ridiculous
d. fierce

At the zoo
Deni : Look at the elephants. They are…(14)
Tedi : Yes they are. They are very big indeed.
Siti : Guys, those are tigers. Look, thay are eating meat.
Rita : They can meat because they have very sharp…(15)
Deni : They can also run very fast with their powerful…(16)
14.a. small
b. tiny
c. huge
d. adorable

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15.a. eyes
b. teeth
c. tail
d. neck

Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Terlengkap

16.a. teeth
b. claws
c. leg
d. necks

17.Sari: look at Deni. He is erasing the whiteboard
Siti: I saw him bringing Mr. Danish books yesterday to his office.
Sari: I think Deni is kind and..
a. wonderful
b. adorable
c. handsome
d. helpful

18.Deni: Look! Marno is very happy playing with the ball
Sari: Yes he is. He never looks…
a. happy
b. delighted
c. sad
d. angry

19.Mirna: Do you have any pet?
Rita: Yes i do. I have a cat.
Mirna: That is very nice. What….?
Rita: My cat is bigger than other cats in the neighborhood. It is a Persian cat. It has grey fur and big eyes.
a. does it look like?
b. does they look like?
c. do it look like?
d. do they look like?

20.Marno: Dul, yor house is very big but it is…and…
Abdul: Yes, we are very concerned about it. The dirty and messy house will make cokroaches and mice stay in our house.
a. wonderful;beautiful
b. clean;tidy
c. adorable;playful
d. fierce;creepy

21.Udin: Have you seen my cat?
dito: No, I have not. It must be fun to have cat in the house. I’m corious about you it. What..?
a. are it like?l
b. does it like?
c. is it like?
d. do it like?

22. Maya: Look! i have bought my new bag at the traditional market.
Dina: Your bag is very good. i will buy it on Sunday with my mother.
Maya: Don’t go there on Sunday because the traditional market is very…
Dina: Thank you for telling me that. I think we will buy it on weekdays then.
a. the market is very nice
b. the market is full with trash
c. the market is not good
d. the market is crowded

23.Dedi:Asep,what is wrong with you? you look very…
Asep:I’m not happy with my test score. I think I have studied very hard but the score is very dissapointing.
Dedi:I am really sorry to hear that.

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23.Deni:I’m very surprised about the test score. Nita was cheating when doing the test she gets better result than me. This is injustice.
Siti:You don’t have to be worried. You are the winner when choosing the honest way.

24.Tedi:Do you know the new student in this school?
Deni:Yes I do. his name is Toni.
Deni:He is a tall guy with curly hair. He is a polite guy. He is from Sukabumi.
a.Is he like?
b.Does he like?
c.Are he like?
d.Is she like?

Kumpulan Soal UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Terlengkap

In An English Class
Mrs. Rina:Good morning
Students :Good morning, Mrs Rina.
Mrs. Rina:Today we are going to learn about jobs and professions. Sarno…?
Students :My father is a lecture. He teaches in a private University
Mrs. Rina:What about you, Rita?
Students :My father is a … .He cures someone having problem with teeth using medical treatment.

25.a.Sarno, where is your father?
b.Sarno, how old is your father?
c.Sarno, where does your father do?
d.Sarno, where is your father?


27.Doni:Do you know Eva?
Dono:Yes I do. She is an intelligent student as far I know.
Doni:Yes, She is my neighbor. She… studies almost everyday.

28.Doni:Do you know what animal that walks very slow?
Dono:Yes.It is a…

29.Tono:Be careful with the bee!
Tono:Because it…

30.Rina:What do you know about cobra?
Tina:Cobra is the king of snake. It is harmful animal because it…
c.walk down the floor very fast

Kesimpulan UAS/PAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Terlengkap

Akhirnya postingan tentang UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Terlengkap yang dapat Anda pelajari. Ulangan pada akhir tahun yang merupakan agenda tahunan yang sangat wajib dilakukan.

UAS Bahasa Inggris menjadi penilaian akhir selama semester dua dan juga sebagai penambah nilai yang akan tercantum dalam raport. Kemudian juga sebagai tolok ukur kemampuan siswa selama kegiatan belajar.

Demikianlah artikel tentang UAS Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 2 Terlengkap yang telah Admin bagikan. Semoga dapat menjadi referensi terbaik soal Bahasa Inggris kelas 7 dan bermanfaat bagi semua.

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